A neat solution to Australia’s parking affordability problem

Recently i was looking at more options to an affordable city parking problem that i have been struggling with for over few years. Then i stumbled up the below solution (not endorsed by them :-)) which really am really impressed after using their service for few months now. The system not only helps you find parking spots right where you want, but is more democratic (crowd sourced) and cheaper! Definitely worth a try! we will be reaching out to ParkHound to see if they can offer Whatsbest readers any discount to try the service. stay tuned..

stay tuned for more on our experience using the service. But here is what we can see so far. The system has a nice app and web interface that lets you find and keep great parking spots around you. Now if you are a home owner or have a unused parking spot during the day or whole day, you can list it here for others like us to rent out.

ParkHound Australia


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