Best Antivirus Software 2022

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Cyber attacks and data loss are common talks in today’s everyday news. Today, we use social media and the internet more than ever for our day-to-day critical tasks ranging from storing personal data to doing banking. With so much at stake and so much to lose, it is only sensible to make sure you are well protected while using your personal computer.

Photo Product Details Price Buy
Kaspersky Total Security...image Kaspersky total security Antivirus - 3 device 2 year deal. Great product, market leader in home security software. $29.99 Buy
Norton 360 Standard...image Norton 360 Standard 2020, Antivirus software for 1 Device and 1-year subscription with automatic renewal. Yet another great product company when it comes to cyber security. $19.95 Buy
MTP 3: McAfee...image MTP 3: McAfee Total Protection, 3 Device, Antivirus Software, Internet Security, 1 Year Subscription - (Mini Box) – 2020 Ready. $58.67 Buy
Norton Security Premium...image Norton Security Premium 3.0 OEM (25GB, 5-Device, 1 Year) Great package also includes protection for smartphones, tablets, PCs etc. Buy
ESET Internet Security...image ESET Internet Security - 3 Devices, 12 Months Subscription. Windows 10& Mac Compatible Buy

We often forget, protecting and securing personal computers and data is as important as securing computing at work – Antivirus software is the first step on how you can do that! Having a good quality, reputable (and paid) antivirus software often makes a big difference to ensure you are protected against most new and emerging threats. Today we will share a few of our best picks of personal antivirus software for home and small business use. Let us know your thoughts as always. The list is based on our internal review and also what people say on the internet from their user experience and reviews.

What to consider when buying an Antivirus Software?

Whichever antivirus product you choose eventually, ensure to have one at the least! It is not wise to run an unprotected laptop and expose it to the internet. It is also important to ensure you have an updated Operating system with the latest security patches (windows 10 OS etc.). Stay safe and secure!

Compatibility: we need to ensure the antivirus software is compatible with not only your computer model but also with the operating system it is on. If you run Windows or Mac, ensure you check if the antivirus software version is compatible with your OS type.

Subscription Model: Some of the popular antivirus software is a yearly subscription model. Although there are free ones and ones that are paid once-off, it is recommended to go with something with a subscription model. The reason is, antivirus software needs regular updates for them to be able to identify the latest, newest, and emerging threats. This is another reason why you have to make sure your antivirus is regularly updated or auto-update is switched on.

Product Company: There are several brands now selling antivirus software in the market. However, we strongly recommend choosing a company that is explicitly a security vendor specializing in the product. Like some, we have mentioned not limited to Kaspersky, Sophos, Norton, etc. are expert security vendors and have enough research and groundwork ensuring product continues to deliver high standards.

Other Add Ons: Some products also come with great security add ons like VPN (secure your traffic), password vault, browser security, etc. We still recommend focusing on the core requirement which is “antivirus protection – enhanced detection and protection” of threats (virus, worms, malware, botnets, rootkits, etc.)

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