Apple GoPro Sony three BIG Tech launches of late 2020

2020 hasn’t been the best of our years so far with a lot gone wrong so far! However, for the tech enthusiasts, there is some good news. Some of the finest product launches we’ve seen are planned for this last quarter of 2020.

Apple and GoPro have made a statement already with the launch of Apple Watch Series 6 and the GoPro Hero 9 both of them out with some STUNNING features! The exciting third launch will be from Sony – the Playstation 5 panned to be launched on November 2020.

The highlight of Apple watch series 6 that we loved are – the Blood O2 sensors, great new design, strap, accessories and the stunning watch face changes. Wont bother writing all the, check out the video below for a nice wrap up.

The highlights of the GoPro 9 we loved are many in number but fav are the front facing screen, the 5K capability, changes to the stabilisation and time warps, finally the awesome built in stand and add on lenses. But to decide if you need an upgrade, listen to what Casey Neistat has to say!

Now, for PS5 theres a lot that has changed about this stunning new model and design. Highly recommend the full blown review if you are into gaming.