Balyang Sanctuary Geelong

Balyang Sanctuary Geelong is perhaps the most popular picnic destination in Geelong as it offers spectacular natural vistas and complete modern day amenities. If you want to head out for a picnic on a weekend or simply want to take a stroll around the magnificent park, come right over to the end of Shannon Avenue, Newtown, located beside Princes Bridge. This beautiful sanctuary in the heart of the city makes it possible for locals and tourists to experience nature in all her glory without having to travel a hundred miles in search of solitude. Here, all the necessities like areas for family picnics and toilets are available.

This place is conveniently connected with other picnic spots along the Barwon River, and you can easily reach this places either by foot or on your bike. Balyang Sanctuary Geelong is also famous for the birds that inhabit this place. You can find many exotic birds here like swans, pelicans, Pied Cormorant, Silver gulls, etc. and observe how they interact with other elements of nature. Other nearby attraction sites include Leech Wood Gardens, Balyang Par 3 golf course, and Yollinko Park, all of which are extremely convenient destinations for a relaxing time out. Visit to find more things to do in Geelong here.