Calcutta Sweets (Indian Sweets) Dandenong

Today we stumbled across one another excellent Indian sweet shop with a limited variety of sweets mainly specialising in the Bengali sweets or Calcutta sweets. This boutique sweet shop is also a mini Indian restaurant featuring many awesome snacks and quick eats for you to relish. We tried the Punjabi Kadhi (a saucy yogurt with fried dumplings dipped in it) and chaat ( a popular Indian street food). This sweet shop is next to another similar sweet shop we visited earlier (the Bikaner sweets & curry cafe) and also close to the many other Indian biryani and restaurant places.

The service is quite alright and the location is right in the heart of Dandenong suburb at the foster street. Also, if a food lover (especially Indian street food), check out our compilation of the best Indian street food places in Melbourne (these are ideally small, boutique, cheap and yummy Indian sweets, chaat (sweet and spicy stuff))

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora we had from the Calcutta sweets shop in Dandenong

(Above) Punjabi Kadhi Pakora we had from the Calcutta sweets shop in Dandenong. The yummy, saucy, slightly salty curry made from Yogurt with mix of turmeric and other spices with some fresh coriander leaves sprinkled on top. This dish goes really well with either rice or with roti. We tried this dish with roti and was awesome! Easy on the pocket (costed $8 for this curry) and was totally worth it. The quantity, quality and the portion was good too!