Canberra Classic Boatfest 2016

22nd to 24th April 2016: One of the widely celebrated events in Australia, the Canberra Classic Boatfest is set to return yet again with greater extravagance. This event aims to celebrate the heritage of the finest vessels in Australia and the people involved in crafting them. You can come over with your family and enjoy a display of over 100 boats at Cockle Bay Marina and the Museum. You can witness a wide variety of vessels like yacht’s and skiffs, Halvorsen, classic speedboats, Tug boats, Navy workboats, Steam launches, Whalers, etc. There will also be other activities like barbecue, live music, and attractions for both children and adults. This is one opportunity that you cannot miss.


Event Location & Details

Event Date: 22nd to 24th April 2016
Event time: 9 AM onwards
Official event website:
Event Location: Lake Burley Griffin, around Canberra Yacht Club and Lotus Bay