Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015

Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015 currently called as the Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2015 is a popular hot air balloon festival that takes place every year in Canberra, Australia. It usually takes place at the lawns of the old Parliament House of Canberra, Australia.

This is more like a complete family and party event accompanied with loads of fun activities for Kids, Elders and youngsters to enjoy equally. The eve is filled with on site entertainment, food, drinks and fun activities. The balloons are launched from the lawn court of the old parliament house of Canberra and the highlights is uniquely designed custom balloons in different size and shapes which looks spectacular!


Canberra Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015
  • Entertainment Factor & Uniqueness
  • Location and Accessibility
  • Planning and Event Management

Festival Details

Inaugurated: Year 1987
Occurrence: Annually
Location: Forecourt of Canberra’s Old Parliament House.
Flight Bookings: Phone 02 6249 8660, or email
Date: Saturday 7 to Sunday 15 March