Best Car Air Fresheners Australia

car air freshner australia

Air fresheners for your car aren’t an easy choice – especially with so many options out there in the market! That’s why today we bring to you the best and highest rated recommendations when looking for a car air freshener. The key considerations we have looked at now are – products with a balanced sensory experience – not too overpowering or too faint, just right… Also looked at some of the highest reviewed and most loved products as well. As always, we are keen to hear from you as well as your thoughts.

Photo Product Details Price Buy
Autoglym Autofresh 500ml Autoglym Autofresh 500ml - One of the most loved and long standing choice in the market. Great fragrance that gives the much loved nice new car smell. $23.99 Buy
Savage Car Air...image Savage Car Air Freshener for Men made with Real Aromatherapy Essential Oils - Car Perfume Scent Air Purifier - Car Accessories and Luxury Diffusers by Bliss $36.42 Buy
Air Wick Pure...image Air Wick Pure Car Vanilla, 2.5 Milliliters - Promises up to 30 days of freshness and 100% fragrance too! The product comes with a secure clip too, easy to setup in your car. $3.00 ($120.00 / 100 ml) Buy
Ambi Pur Premium...image Ambi Pur Premium Clip Aqua Car Air Freshener, 7.5Ml - One of the best sellers in this range and promises to eliminate odour up to 70 days. The watery citrus fragnance gives a fresh note. Also comes with a secure clip and easy to setup. $4.40 ($55.00 / 100 ml) Buy
Ambi Pur Car...image Ambi Pur Car Mini Clip Car Air Freshener New Zealand Springs 2ml $4.80 ($240.00 / 100 ml) Buy

What to look for?

A few things to consider while looking for an air freshener are the quality of the product, the value for money, the fragrance, and how long-lasting the product is. The products we have shared have all been rated high by verified purchasers on the likes of Amazon on their quality and the positives. Although a few of the reviews were mentioning about some of them not long-lasting as expected, the overall reputation on these selected products were high.