Cunningham Pier Geelong

The most iconic structure on the magnificent waterfront of Geelong is probably the Cunningham Pier. It was opened back in the mid-1850s during which the pier served as a vital part of the port, and there was even a rail which was used to load and unload cargo. The Cunningham Pier was originally known as the Railway Pier, and this pier saw commercial use up until the 1970s after which it was unsuitable for use by modern ships, and thus it fell into nonuse.

Today, the Cunningham Pier is a very elegantly designed venue for social events and businesses. One of Geelong’s top restaurants is located on this very pier named Braveras Brasserie. Apart from that, there are top end bars, a City quarter and one conference/function/wedding venue that provide a stunning view of the Corio Bay. There is a paid car parking nearby. This pier is an absolutely wonderful place for an evening walk looking at the sunset over the beautiful sea. The view is stunning, to say the least, and it is the perfect place for an outing with your family or friends. The Cunningham Pier is located on the Western Beach Foreshore Road in Geelong. Visit to find more things to do in Geelong here.