Fort Pearce Geelong

Fort Pearce used to be a defensive facility occupying a portion of Point Nepean in Victoria. It is one of the many places that have a rich historical significance in this area and acts as a getaway destination for those interested in learning history as well as witness the spectacular views of the ocean and the bay. Here, you can see various heritage monuments and equipment as the old barracks still remained a point of attraction of budding historians. There are also gun mountings and other artifacts put on display here that are quite the rare sight in all of Australia.

Fort Pearce was constructed between the years 1910 in 1916 and played a crucial role in both World War I and World War II. As the years progressed, additional barracks were erected and named as Pearce barracks. You can witness everything on display, which were used in the older days as equipment of war. You can also explore a couple of more rooms and chambers inside of the ruins and relish the authentic experience of visiting a war memorial. Take your kids out to this historical marvel and let them learn about their country’s history that paved for Australia to be how it is now.┬áVisit to find more things to do in Geelong here.