Frankston Pier Melbourne

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Frankston beach and the beautiful pier is one place in Melbourne we really enjoy going back to. The atmosphere is so fun-filled here, a lot to do nearby on a lazy weekend evening. When we went there, there was a Frankston summer carnival just happening around the corner. After having loads of fun there, we took a small walk with the beach as our end goal. It was such a joy to see families enjoying the summer evening, friends gathered around to enjoy an outdoor tea or snack, kids playing around, and a welcoming bridge facing the ocean!

A walk along the bridge with the beach on the right and green lawns and broad walk on the other side too us straight to the pier. It was beautiful to see little sand islands along the beach until we reached the Pier. The beautiful pier looked towards the city on the other side and the Frankston suburb on the other! As always, to inspire your next visit, check out some photos from our last one!