GABS 2015 Beer Festilval Highlights & Photos

Recently we made it to the GABS 2015 (Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular) as Media! One of the most popular beer and food festivals in Australia and the world. We did feature GABS 2015 for our readers earlier this month and as we predicted, this was an amazing event to be at! Kudos to the event management team and the GABS team for organizing such a wonderful event at one of the most popular locations in the city.

GABS Melbourne 2015 Highlights and photos

Making it easily accessible for everyone living around Melbourne is what made this event an even better success! With no doubts, the day was super awesome with awesome beer flowing, great crowd, nice location and nice atmosphere shared by Melbourne’s beer lovers!

Great Beer & Brew from Across the World

What made the event special is the fact that you get to taste and test hundreds of different kinds of beer made possible by beer makers from around the world. There were popular Victorian beer makers, Beer from New Zealand and other parts of Australia and some international names as well! Beer was flowing in different colors, flavors, tastes, blends and strength!

GABS Melbourne 2015 Highlights and photos

Try + Test + Taste + Drink ♥


We also got to taste some experimental beer variants (not out in the market yet) and even mix few different types of beer and try them too 🙂 There was awesome beer tasting, great food, nice vibe, good music, great crowd, some performances, games, goodie stores and much more!

Not Just Beer, but Food & Some Fun

Overall it was a nice weekend event, especially for beer lovers! We have managed to take some great photos from the event for our readers, hope you enjoy them and make it to the  next GABS event! Love Photos? Here, we’ve got heaps of photos from the event as usual!


melbourne beer festival photos