Geelong Museum of motoring+ industry

To get the finest experience of the history of motoring as well as learn about the automotive culture and heritage of Geelong, visit the Geelong Museum of motoring+ industry (GMOM) on 13 -35 Mackey Street North Geelong, which is just a short drive away from The Federal Mills. Here, you can witness an impressive collection of motor vehicles that are on display as a tribute to Geelong’s manufacturing and industrial heritage. The place is run by motor enthusiasts and was originally built during the time of World War I to produce uniforms for the ANZACS. You can also volunteer to work as a staff if you’re interested in cars, history, and other machinery in general.

There are plenty of things to see and learn as there is a wide collection of artifacts that are on display. You can watch old car commercials, take a stroll through the Ford Discovery Centre, gather information about vintage cars, look at vintage clothing of the bygone era, and do many more things that will satisfy the car lover in you. Barring the Christmas holidays, this museum remains open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, every week from 10 AM to 4 PM. Visit to find more things to do in Geelong here.