Geelong powerhouse

Located in North Geelong, there is a rich platform for all street artists to show off their skills and is a must visit place if you want to see some ephemeral street art. Ian Ballis, the curator of this project, manages the entirety of Geelong Powerhouse art space that comprises of a 3000 sqm building that sits on a vast stretch of about 6 acres of land, making it Australia’s largest indoor art gallery. What separates this art gallery from others in the neighboring area is the fact that it is always evolving and hosting at least three new artworks every day for the regular visitors to experience.

Witness vibrant colors, mesmerizing details, and thought-provoking concept that can exist only in a surreal place like this. The powerhouse Geelong is focused towards promoting the importance of recycling and sustainability and only features artwork that has been created using recycled and environment-friendly objects. If you have an artistic bent of mind and want to follow the popular street culture of art or think you may contribute some work yourself, don’t hesitate to head out to the location between 9:30 AM and 5 PM on any day of the week.┬áVisit to find more things to do in Geelong here.