Best Home Security Cameras Australia

Wireless cameras for home security are one of the buzzing home techs out there finding great popularity recently. The main reason for the recent boom is the sheer quality of affordable wireless cameras that hit the market in recent months. Top players offer a long battery life of up to 1 year, with great features like weatherproof, facial detection, cloud storage, great HD / 2K / 4K quality, and the list goes on.

WhatsBest Top Picks for 2021

Photo Title Price Buy
Eufy Cam Wire...image Eufy Cam Wire Free HD Security 2-Camera Set, (T8801CD2) Buy
Eufy Eufy Floodlight...image Eufy Eufy Floodlight Camera White - 1080p Buy
Ring Video Doorbell...image Ring Video Doorbell 3 Buy
Arlo Technologies Pro...image Arlo Technologies Pro 2- 3 Camera System Buy
Wyze Cam 1080p...image Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Camera Buy

What to look for while choosing a home security camera?

Resolution – Obviously cameras are almost all about how clear the imaging is! This one trumps pretty much all but when you are on to finding the best one, it’s more of a balancing act. We need to make sure there is a price to value ratio and the resolution is good enough for today’s standards. Ensure your home security camera at the least offers a full HD coverage (1080), while there are some good ones out there that give ultra-high resolutions of 2K to 4K as well.

Easy of setup and configuration – If the system is too complex, it does not matter how good it is. It has to be easy to set up and configure. That’s where I love the Arlo and Eufy products which are pretty much like plug and play! That means they should come with a mobile application that is intuitive enough, should ideally have a web console so that you can view and set up right from your web browser as well, and finally should also have a good base unit to hold everything together.

Motion sensors and Night vision – These two are very important. Even though they are two different things, they complement each other very well and are thickly related in today’s modern wireless security cameras for the home. A good resolution with capable night vision alone with a great working motion sensor is gold. This also helps secure your battery life without giving false positives or being switched on all the time. Ensure you see a few youtube videos before deciding that you like the night vision quality.

Battery life and build quality – This area of technology for home wireless security cameras has been long evolving and we are in a great position as of now. There are camera models (like the Eufy cam) that give you up to a whopping ONE year of battery life on a full charge. And many of them offer 3 to 6 months on a single charge easily as well. The build quality is important to ensure they are weather protected, can be placed in rain and snow, and have a good design that can survive several years without any issues.

Below is a frequently updated list of the best wireless home cameras we loved the most based on key aspects like features, quality, customer reviews online, and the cost is taken into consideration. Hope you enjoy the compilation of our favorite wireless home security cameras popular in Australia for the year 2021