Lake Burley Griffin Canberra

Serving as Canberra’s most masterful centrepiece, this serene and lovely lake is a water sports lover’s paradise as there are numerous activities available to excite the most casual visitors. You’ll have a fantastic time sailing, rowing, kayaking, fishing, and stand-up paddle boarding at this glassy lake that is around 4 m in depth at an average. Entry to the lake is free for everyone and can be accessed in all hours of the day. This is a must visit destination when you are in town as it provides fantastic experiences for those seeking thrill as well as those who want a leisure time out from their daily activities.

Walkers and cyclists are also in for a treat as there is a 40 km shoreline to accommodate their needs. And for families visiting here, there are numerous gardens and parks nearby where they can sit in peace and have a picnic with their loved ones. If you are in for a more comfortable experience, simply catch a ferry, take a cruise around the lake, or enjoy the magnificent water views from one of the many cafes and restaurants located at the Lakeside. Make a point to visit this place during autumn to see the vibrant colours of tree leaves adorning the fields in all their mystic glory.

Lake Burley Griffin Canberra


Area: 6.64 kmĀ²
Length: 11 km