Lake Connewarre Geelong

Lake Connewarre is a vast and shallow estuarine Lagoon, located in the lower areas of the Barwon River and is known as the largest area of indigenous vegetation that remains on the Bellarine Peninsula. This site has been preserved by the concerned authorities for maintaining the ecological diversity of the entire region. The reserve consists of a variety of wetlands and communities associated with the area, mainly salt marsh and mangrove communities. You can indulge in exciting Birdwatching activities as there are close to 149 avian species that have been recorded to have visited this area.

You can experience nature and all of her raw beauty here as Lake Connewarre harbours a variety of seagrass meadows that act as fish spawning and nursery sites. Combined with the dry climate of this region and the estuarine influence, this area has contributed to the growth and development of diverse sub-saline marsh vegetation and species-rich salt marsh. If you want to experience the untamed wonders of nature while appreciating the efforts of people in preserving endangered wildlife, then mark your calendar, pack your travel gear, and take a trip down the Barwon River where a wide variety of enchanting flora and fauna await you. Visit to find more things to do in Geelong here.