Melbourne DFO Ultimate Discount Sale is On

On this Queen’s Birthday, head straight to any of the Direct Factory Outlets (DFOs) in Melbourne to find the coolest deals and specials! DFO is celebrating this year’s Ultimate weekend sale with great bargains to grab. All the DFO stores in Melbourne are participating in the sale and the sale will be on all 3 days of the long weekend. More details on the deals and specials available in the Melbourne DFO will be published on the official DFO website ( by Friday! We highly recommend to make it on the first two days of the sale (Saturday or Sunday) to grab the best of the sizes and deals before they are gone!

Weekend Sale Value Meter
  • 90%
    Specials & Offer Value - 90%
  • 95%
    Location & Accessibility - 95%

Location & Details

Official website:
Location: All the DFO stores in Melbourne
Special Dates: 06/06/2015 – 08/06/2015