Mount Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre

Located towards the north of You Yangs, nearby the Little River town is the Mount Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre, which is Australia’s largest feral-predator-free ecosystem. With the aim of preserving endangered wildlife and restoring habitat, this ecosystem has been specially made to protect threatened species from going extinct. Mount Rothwell is a hidden gem that attracts wildlife enthusiasts and sometimes even tourists who want to get involved in the noble cause. If you want to support local conservation efforts, then the night tour is something that you must take once to get up close and personal with some of the most fascinating animals you have ever seen.

Here, you can see endangered animals like Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Rock Wallabies, Brush Tailed Possum and even the highly elusive Eastern Quoll if you’re lucky. The conservation centre stretches across 400 acres of protected property, where you can see a huge variety of native wildlife literally interacting with each other and going about their lives. This place is not always open to the public because the main aim of this organisation is to protect the endangered animals. However, there are also dedicated to providing the visitors and enriching experience so that they may come back again.