Mount Stirling Victoria

Mount Stirling is located in the Hume region of Victoria, Australia and is only an easy 3-hour drive from Melbourne. The neighbouring Mount Buller is just a 30-minute drive from this mountain. Mount Stirling is a mesmerising place to visit at any time of the year with over 68 kilometers of trail, highly maintained, winding through the Alpine Ash and Snow Gums’ sheltered woodlands. This mountain, with all its beautiful and soothing sights and sounds, is a place you would love exploring. Mount Sterling is also a treat for skiers and snowboarders with the unique backcountry experience that it offers.

mount sterling

There is also an option for tobogganing and snow play for the whole family to enjoy together. But the real experience is camping on Mount Sterling. There are a few refuge huts and snow camping areas on the mountain as well as a permanent camping alpine camp with all necessary facilities available.