Mount Wellington Hobart

Mt. Wellington is a mountainside tourist attraction that is filled with many activities suitable for all ages, budgets, and tastes. Climb up the mountain is not very far and can be easily covered by car. Along the way up the mountain, you will bear witness to a wide variety of flora that keep on changing as you gradually move higher up. The scenery is breathtaking, and you’ll constantly be surprised by the windy atmosphere that changes to snow while the temperature slowly turns to a freezing point. This is the perfect weekend getaway if you want to experience the majestic view of the mountains and all of the beauty that nature has to offer.

If you plan to go up Mt. Wellington, try to schedule a plan on a bright day for incredible views over the city of Hobart. The mountain is a great place to explore many exciting things as it is very rich in flora and fauna along with man-made attractions like parks for little children, Taverns for adults, and also options for adrenaline pumping adventure for those who always seek the next big thrill. This is one such place where you will never get bored.