Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre 

The Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Geelong is an award winning Centre for Aboriginal Culture. Narana is a famous attraction on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road which also offers free visitor’s programs. The primary aim of this centre is to create an understanding of Aboriginal history and traditions in an atmosphere which is welcoming and friendly. This is achieved through personal interactions from people of all community backgrounds.

Among the native trees, walkways and gardens are nestled the Cultural Display and Performance Building. There is also the Café Narana, the art gallery, and a retail outlet. Cultural and Art programs are delivered by expert staff who are guaranteed to fill your minds with amazing facts and information about indigenous uses of land, traditional medicine and food, spirituality, laws and aesthetic designs. You can use the inspiration to paint on boomerangs or canvas in the studio. You can also learn how to play the didgeridoo or throw a boomerang. Narana’s Art Gallery exhibits some of the finest indigenous art from across Australia while the retail shop offers for sale beautiful native crafts, books, spices and herbs, boomerangs and several other items and antiques. The Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre is open from Mondays to Fridays 9AM-5PM and Saturdays 10AM-4PM.