Best Share Trading Platform Online for Australia

Recently we have been reviewing the best online stock or share trading platforms in Australia.

Recently we have been researching for finding the best share trading service provider or online platform in Australia. Our criteria were simple and specific:

  • easy to use and set up
  • clean, user friendly interface and underpinning technology
  • great and dependable support
  • reasonable and fixed per trade broker fee

What we loved the most about their platform is the way data is presented. It is a crowd-sourced platform giving you insights into other successful portfolios and other data driven investment suggestions. Highly recommend taking a tour of their platform to understand it further more. We have added some screenshots for you to get a feel of the system.

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PLEASE NOTE: This is our favorite platform based on our personal review and this does not mean it is the best one for you. We have looked at the above criteria and found this as our favorite choice. Also note, although this is not a sponsored post, the above link will earn us 5 free affiliate trades.