Best Sri Lankan Restaurants in Canberra

Sri lankan Cuisine is absolutely Yum! No doubt about that and the huge popularity of the cuisine among food lovers is a living proof. Below are the best Sri Lankan cuisine authentic restaurants in Canberra. We know we haven’t listed many but our efforts are on to get all the best Sri Lankan food serving restaurants on board so that you just start off from the best place.

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Banana Leaf Sri Lankan Restaurant Canberra

This restaurant is located right in the heart of Canberra and is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. Speaking with some of the regulars from the restaurant we learn that it started from very humble beginnings. Today, it serves amazing Sri Lankan dishes accompanied with excellent Australian cuisine. Some people have also applauded the excellent wine collection of the restaurant. They also say, if you can't choose the right wine, ju[Read More]
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Camellia Sri Lankan Restaurant Canberra

If you do plan to visit the Camellia, you will certainly spend a few hours there enjoying the different culinary styles employed by their chefs. We've been told that they serve food that is a perfect mix between traditional Sri Lankan foods and Australian foods. Apparently, they use traditional spices which really let the flavor out from the food that they serve. The restaurant is located in a very good area and getting there is just as eas[Read More]
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Amirtham Sri Lankan Restaurant Canberra

We hear that this Sri Lankan restaurant has grown in popularity mostly through the local Sri Lankan community itself. It doesn't only serve quality Sri Lankan cuisine but also serves South Indian foods. Orders can be placed for dine in as well as takeaway and we have heard multiple customers compliment the professionalism of the wait staff at the restaurant. The restaurant has a homely ambiance but it is the brilliant cuisine that draws custom[Read More]