Steampacket Gardens Geelong

The Steampacket Gardens is a beautifully designed park not too far away from the Geelong Pier and the Geelong Yacht Club. The Steampacket Gardens have an open lawn with all kinds of beautiful trees around the perimeter making this park a beautiful place to have nice and quite family picnics or to just sit down and enjoy the warm sunshine. A small walkway on the northern edge of the garden separates the water from the park, and the walkway has excellent seats for people to sit on, and they offer a beautiful view of the sea.

There are also some rather strange and massive buoys towards the top end of the Steampacket Gardens which should not be missed at any cost. And for all the creative folks out there, the Steampacket Gardens Art and Craft Market is definitely the place to look out for. This market is held on the first Sunday of every month, and you can find all kinds of works of art there from painting to sculptures for sale. The gardens are surrounded by plenty of restaurants and cafes, so if you’re hungry, you can go grab a bite. The next time you’re planning a family outing, be sure to check this destination out.