Swan Island Geelong

Swan Island along with Edwards Point spit and Duck Island are sand barrier islands that separate Swan Bay from the Port Phillip area in Victoria. This area is famous for its natural vegetation which includes patches of coastal woodland, expanses of coastal scrub, and vast stretches of salt marsh. Swan Island being a part of Port Phillip Bay Islands Important Bird Area and Swan Bay, houses many types of seabirds, orange-bellied parrots, and waders that visit the area during winters. The Swan and sand islands are only accessible by the members of yatch and golf clubs, Defence Department Personnel, or otherwise by a permit that can be obtained from the security gate that guards the entry.

This island has a history of military use as it was part of the fortifications constructed to protect the entry to Port Phillip Bay from the Russian invasion, which was a possibility during the Crimean War. Swan Island is also the home to Queenscliff Golf Club, which occupies the western side of this island, and also serves as a training ground to the Department of Defense that occupies the central and eastern parts. If you’re in the mood for something beyond ordinary, check this place out at your leisure. Visit to find more things to do in Geelong here.