Tasman Bridge Hobart

Standing tall over the Derwent River, Tasman Bridge is a modern architectural marvel and also one of the most memorable landmarks of Hobart. This five-lane bridge was erected in 1964 and runs over a total distance of 1.4 km across the river. It connects the eastern suburbs with the central business district and is considered a part of the Tasman Highway. Despite having the status of a city landmark, this bridge is notoriously known for the disaster that took place in 1975 in which the MV Lake Illawarra bulk carrier collided with the Tasman Bridge. This accident caused extensive damage, which led to the sinking of several ships and other human fatalities. The victims of the tragedy have been honored by a memorial plaque while a sunken vessel serves as an offbeat attraction for those interested in scuba diving.

There is not much “to do” type of activities available here other than just admire the bridge from a distance as it illuminates at night provides a breathtaking view of the lights reflecting over the still waters of Derwent River. You may also drive, walk, or cycle across the bridge as there are separate lanes for automobiles, bicycles, and for walking to allow everyone have their own unique experience.

Tasman Bridge Hobart

Location & Details

Address: Tasman Hwy, Montagu Bay TAS 7018
Height: 60 m & Total length: 1,395 m
Opened: March 18, 1965
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