The Carousel Geelong 

One of the real jewels of Geelong’s spectacularly beautiful waterfront is Carousel. It is one of the “Must See” attractions for any tourist visiting the city. Geelong’s Waterfront Carousel overlooks the harbor and offers stunning views of the Corio Bay. It is a certain point of attraction of the waterfront precinct with its glass pavilion and modern sail like steel glistening in the sun. It is truly an incredible sight. If you visit the city, you should definitely come and spend some magical time alone or with your loved ones in this spot.

The pavilion houses an incredibly beautiful and rare carousel which dates back to 1892 and is known as the Armitage Herschell Carousel. They have been restored back to their original beauty and has 36 horses and two chariots. The Geelong Carousel is one of the few which is still left in the world today, and it is even considered to be the best one which still remains in use. The Carousel is not only a delightful sight for the children but this very place has also become a favorite sport for hosting all kinds of events including parties, corporate events, and wedding receptions. The pavilion is usually open every day, and entry to it is free although you will have to pay a small amount to ride the carousel. Visit to find more things to do in Geelong here.