The Sydney Harbour Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has got to be one of the most well known landmarks in all of Australia. It is the biggest steel curve span bridge in the world with its highest point being 134 meters above the harbour. It’s effectively called the ‘Coathanger’ by locals and was opened in March 1932.

Did you know that Ninety-Six steam trains were once put on the bridge at different spots to test how much weight the bridge can take. When the bridge was opened, it costed three pence for a steed & rider to cross while an auto costed six pence. Nowadays, steed & riders aren’t allowed on the bridge anymore. You can bike across on a dedicated path or walk over the bridge without having to pay anything at all. Autos now cost $ 3.30 when going south and are allowed to go north for free. There were around 11,000 who used the bridge every day in 1932 when it started and now more than 200,000 vehicles cross each day.

The bridge had quite an interesting past as well. Around eight-hundred families that lived in the path of the bridge were relocated & their homes were demolished without offer any compensation before starting construction of the bridge. 16 workers lost their lives during construction as well.

The development of this bridge started in 1924 & it took 1400 men 8 years to put it together. It costed 4.2 million. 53000 tons of steel & 6 million bolts were used during development. It now has 8 activity paths and a couple of rail lines. But when it was developed, the rail paths on the eastern side were actually tram tracks. It was only in the 50’s that Sydney shut down their tram framework and these tracks were used for street activity.

One of the main attractions this bridge has to offer is BridgeClimb. It started way back in 1998 & draws in people from all over the world who would want to climb this masterpiece. There are day trips, dusk trips & night trips and there are around 12 people that go on each trip which take place at regular intervals. There is a blood liquor test as well as a climb simulator which you can try on to experience the climbing conditions without actually having to get on the bridge. It really is incredible and is one of the things you absolutely have to do while you’re in Sydney. Some of the most famous personalities that have done this climb include Kylie Minogue, Cathy Freeman, Hugo Weaving, Matt Damon, Kostya Tszyu and the Prince and Princess of Denmark Frederik & Mary.

Another interesting part of the bridge is the Pylon lookout which is located at the south eastern side of the bridge (the end which also has the rocks). Visitors can go here & see a display regarding the bridge and the amazing 360 perspective that you can view from the highest point on the arch.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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