The Sydney Opera House

Today we are going to be talking about the world famous Sydney Opera House. The construction and design for this place was quite a story as well. It is a story of achieving the impossible as well as of relationships and dreams.

It is a World Heritage Site since a lot of the engineering techniques and architectural methods used were new at the time and were used only for its construction. It was designed by the Danish architect, John Utzon. His design was chosen from among two hundred and thirty three designs submitted. But there wasn’t a single person who was confident of building such a structure. The tiles used on the outer surface of the structure are just one of the examples of the innovation which was used during its construction. The tiles also change their color depending on the temperature and daylight. They hardly ever appear to be the same. What’s more, they clean themselves. It took a total of three years for these tiles to be designed.

The white sails which are on the roof of this building were created and tested sixteen times before understanding how they could be cut from steel circles. Sixteen thousand workers were on sight for just this part of the construction.

More than 7,000,000 people from all around the world come to see the opera house every year and more than 400,000 go for the guided tour as well. They get to learn how this architectural masterpiece was constructed and what it entailed. They also get to hear this story about how this relationship between the Australian government and the designer was broken and then restored since both parties were gracious & forgiving. Both stories are quite inspiring and very important as well.

The Sydney Opera House

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