Thirteenth Beach Geelong

You’re more of a beach person, and nothing quite says in the more than watching waves breaking at the shores, swelling the fresh salty air, and taking a walk along the beach side, then 13th Beach Geelong welcomes you with open arms. This 4.5 km picturesque stretch is also a popular destination for new and professional surfers as it provides varied conditions to suit both. The place is especially excellent in summer as there are low tide and perfect weather conditions for some good old fashioned sun tanning. Kids love this place because there are several special Rockpool in areas for the toddlers.

The beach is also excellent for swimming as the water depth is well marked using flags. On some days, this place is so unpopular that you can have the entire beach for yourself. This tranquil beach destination is ideal for visiting with family, taking out your dog on our walk, or simply take a walk on the shore feeling the wind caress your hair, head over to Thirteenth Beach, Barwon Heads, Victoria to have a splendid time. So don’t wait any longer, be sure to take your family and visit this perfect beach destination on your next outing.┬áVisit to find more things to do in Geelong here.