What to look for while buying a Coffee Machine?

tips for choosing the right coffee machine for your home

There is just something magical about the smell of freshly brewed coffee, that bewitching first sip to kickstart your day. Making a cup of coffee can be as simple as pouring from the carafe of a coffee maker or stirring a packet of coffee mix in your favorite mug. But for those more discerning about their cup of joe, espresso machines might be more to your taste. In the mood for easy-to-make flavored coffee and drinks? Pods and capsules systems will be your BFF.  

It may seem daunting, with all these options to choose from for a regular coffee drinker. So we’ve gone ahead and collated several points to consider before buying your perfect coffee partner! 

Coffee Types and Flavours

Are you into freshly extracted espresso shots or specialty drinks close to how coffee shops make them? Or will you be fine and alert with the classic drip coffee from the ever-dependable coffee maker? Maybe you are not a coffee drinker, but into trying the assortment of pods and capsules like teas and chocolate bars turned to choco drinks? Unless you plan to buy one of each type to answer all your hankerings, which is not the most economical decision, your coffee preference plays a significant factor when deciding which coffee machine to buy. 

What works for you?

Imagine getting a cup as soon as you wake up in just a few motions, or maybe with no additional effort at all! Pod and capsule machines do not require much stuff to do; make sure there is water, add a pod or capsule in the machine, pull a lever, and you’ve got coffee! Meanwhile, the classic drip coffee makers, specifically the automatic ones, can be programmed to start brewing at a preset time. With this, your coffee can be ready first thing in the morning or kept hot the whole day for replenishment. For those willing to take the extra steps and express their passion as a coffee connoisseur, espresso machines might be more up your alley.  

Some machines also have extra features like milk frothers, coffee grinders, the ability to set user profiles to store your preferred style and coffee flavor, and even self-cleaning modes.  

The Space you operate in?

Who would have thought that the size of your kitchen or pantry countertops would matter when it comes to your favorite cup of coffee? Pod and capsule systems are much more compact, just like the usual drip coffee maker. You will also need a rack or some space to store the boxes of capsules and pods or a jar to contain your coffee grounds or beans. But if you are having these barista-aspirations, make sure your bulky espresso machine will have that much-needed space, along with the other accessories and coffee supplies. 

tips to choose the right coffee

How much you have to spend?

You need to personally discern if you are willing to shell out big bucks or up to several thousand dollars for that high-end automatic espresso machine. But if your budget goes from something less than a hundred to about several hundred dollars, then a drip coffee maker or a pod and capsule system might be more within your range. 

These are just some considerations that can help you decide if you will buy a coffee machine or which type of machine to buy. While we always have the option to drop by the nearest coffee shop for a cuppa, nothing beats the convenience of grabbing that perk-me-up dose while still in your pajamas and can barely open your eyes. 

What Next?

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