A summer evening visit to Altona Beach Melbourne

Yesterday visited the awesome Altona Beach to spend some time with the family, it was the perfect weather and perfect time. The atmosphere was great with a lot of people at the beach escaping the summer heat and enjoying the great cool water. Even though spent very little time outside, the nice short walk was very refreshing. Lot of families had bought in their tents to spent longer hours on the beach while many where spending most of their time in the water.

The pier was also exceptionally busy with many enjoying a nice little plunge from the pier into the cool welcoming water! We could even see a lot of water sports which wasn’t limited to bodyboards or water tubes, there were even Jetskis, kite surfers, and even paramotor gliding among them! Overall, a great day out and to share a glimpse of the joy we had, sharing some photos as always from the day!