about whatsbest australia

Our Vision
Become the real starting point to finding the best

Our Niche?
Things & Experiences.

About our content
Photos + Videos + informative text – these three characteristics define the content on WhatsBest Australia.

A homegrown list,  bringing you the latest events and best things to do. We are a regularly updated,  ever-growing compilation of the best events and places to visit in each of the cities of this awesome country. Proudly driven by a passionate team of avid fun, food, travel & event lovers.

WhatsBest is a carefully curated (and updated) collection of content we prepare for our valued readers. Our content and curations are not forever, they evolve, change, mature, and stay up to date. This is to make sure what we said was the best last year, is still the best.

What’s different at WhatsBest?
We hate to be text-heavy! And we don’t believe “text content” is the king anymore in digital media. We want to be able to flawlessly ENGAGE with our audience and that means, we want to communicate better, visually. The majority of the content you will find on WhatsBest Australia will be photos and videos (and a little bit of text to complement the experience). We want you to experience what we are sharing and also be able to do that quickly, on the go, easily. Almost all of the content we craft for you will be experience focussed.

How do we make money?
WhatsBest has a simple business model and we like to be transparent and open about it. If this changes, we will come back here and update it.

On-Page Advertisements – You may see advertisement blocks across the website. We try our best to keep that count very low so that it does not impact your user experience. These ads do contribute to our web site’s income.

Featured Listings – Most of the content published on the website is pure editorial. A very small percentage of those content are featured listing. Australian businesses, events, and experiences can contact WhatsBest Australia to work with our team and promote their listing as a featured listing. Since these listings are paid for the time they serve on the website, they are taken off when the feature ends in most cases. This is also to ensure, we maintain the high quality of content and our recommendations are relevant for our readers.

Affiliate Ads and Links – We spent a lot of time (a lot of coffees and long walks too) in the process of brainstorming content ideas, products, places, experiences, etc. for our BestLists. However, sometimes in our product recommendations, we use links (unique referral links) to sites like Amazon that may earn us a commission from the sale which we will use to support our efforts with WhatsBest.

If you find the content, products and experiences we share at WhatsBest, please consider clicking on the links on our website to purchase products from sites like Amazon etc. to show us your support! We really appreciate that. We also want to transparently disclose that we are Amazon Services LLC Associates Program to earn affiliate income from some recommendations on our website.