Cherryhill Orchards Wandin East

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A perfect Saturday was spent in the mesmerizingly beautiful ambiance of the Cherryhill Orchards at Wandin East, Victoria, Australia. This was undoubtedly one of the best cherry farms across Victoria with a heritage going back to 80 years (very visible in the quality and character of the place). As usual, we have pinched a small-time snap of the experience for our readers and viewers (the YT channel has a video too). Hope you enjoy the experience online and also be able to make it here one day if you haven’t already.

Things to do at the CherryHill Orchards?

There’s a lot to do and the first on that list is cherry-picking. You are given a bucket to pick cherries and taken to the farm where you are able to pick cherries of your liking. The cherries were unbelievably yummy. At the base, you have a nice cafe (George’s cafe), few food trucks, lots of space with benches to sit and relax, a store to purchase CherryHill products like Cider (must try), wine, kombucha, jam, a box of cherries, and lot more. Some more photos below.

CherryHill Orchards
Address: 474 Queens Rd, Wandin East VIC 3139
Phone: 1300 243 779

WhatsBest Helful Tips and Notes

✿ If you plan for cherry picking, watch the weather before you go there. Great staff, nice ambiance, great photo opportunities, overall nice experience. Found cherries to be a bit expensive (if you were to buy a 2kg box, we got it for $60), but was tasty and large in size.

✿ Lots of parking, you can buy food there from the food trucks, cherry ice cream is a must-try. Cafe has good coffee too!

✿ Directions >> Open in Google map

Check out the video from our trip

Our YT channel has published the video we captured from the awesome trip to the CherryHill Orchards, make sure you consider subscribing if you enjoyed it. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned!