Dhaba by Angan Keilor Melbourne

Yet another awesome colorful and traditional Punjabi Indian restaurant in Melbourne. Typically Punjabi restaurants feature north Indian cuisine. The restaurant features road side Indian Dhabas often with simple but tasty menu for passing by travelers and truck drivers. The ambiance and theme of the restaurant does remind one of the traditional Punjabi dhabas found in India. It is also interesting to see that they have featured some wacky, funny but true Indian captions and posters on the wall. A traditional Indian gola making machine (kind of an ice cream), Indian auto rickshaw (a typical tuk tuk) and rope decor adds to the authenticity and feel of the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in Keillor suburb of Melbourne, might be quite a drive for foodies from across the city, but recommended for a visit and taste some awesome food here. The portion size are quite generous and the staff are friendly. The menu is priced okay but does have an opportunity on the pricing. The restaurant also features an awesome themed bar called Theka (meaning local liquor counter) which is interesting as well.