Frequently Asked Questions

We often get several questions from our users / potential advertisers and casual readers. To make it easier for you, we are preparing a compilation of all the frequently asked questions here.

What is WhatsBest 

Discover the best Australian Events & Attractions to visit at WhatsBest. is a homegrown compilation regularly bringing you the latest events and best attractions to visit in the country. We are an ever growing compilation of the best events and places to visit in each of the cities of the awesome country.

How are events or attractions mentioned on WhatsBest?

The most, unique aspect of us is that we love to grow slow and organic. Even though we encourage our team of travel and lifestyle enthusiasts to find and include the best events and attractions around us, we also love hearing from event organizers, attraction owners, community event organisers, and of course our readers too.

Is this a business directory?

No. We are not a business directory or anything close to it. For the same reason, we discourage business owners or marketing companies to approach us for live links, press release feature, etc. We are more like an experience or information resource and value our readers the most and prefer our features to be informative and not promotional. We do not link to other websites and the best we can do is to direct users to the brand’s official social media profiles or a shortened URL for information’s sake.

Is this a review website?

No. We are not a review website. We do not allow anyone to post any review on It is a compilation of the best events or attractions as put together by our team of travel enthusiasts and event goers.

Have more questions?

We are happy to answer more questions, please contact us.