Luna Park Melbourne

For just about a 100 years, Melbourne’s Luna Park has been a cosmic system of beguilements and sensations… Only for Fun!  Melbourne’s Luna Park is a cosmic system of entertainments and sensations. From the stunning, eye ball popping super excite rides like the Pharaoh’s Curse, Metropolis and the Enterprise, to the invigorating rides like the Spider, Twin Dragon, G constrain and Shock Drop, you’re certain to have a magnificent time!

luna park melbourne victoria

Luna Park has energised and enchanted Melbourne families for eras. There are a lot of rides that the family can appreciate, for example, Arabian Merry, Silly Serpent, Scenic Railway, Carousel and Red Baron. Attractions, for example, Street Legal Grand Prix style Dodgems empower you to test your aptitudes and contend with your compa friends and family. Soak up the spectacular carnival atmosphere while having some good times and appreciate delightful sustenance and beverages or test your abilities and fortunes on the jubilee recreations.

Pre Luna Park period of Melbourne, Victoria

The soonest maps, around 1865, of the region encompassing the present Luna Park demonstrate a no man’s land for the most part secured by a tidal pond. The tidal pond was depleted in the 1870’s and stayed abandoned in the 1880’s. Fantasy land (1906 – 1909) was an outside carnival arranged around where Luna Park stands today. Luna Park opened in 1912.

The memorable Polly Woodside was initially implicit 1885 and is possessed and worked by the National Trust. Taking after a significant rebuilding it was authoritatively revived to people in general in May 2009 and is presently a famous component of riverside Melbourne at Dukes Dock in South Wharf.