Old Geelong Gaol

Want to learn history while getting spooked out of your wits at the same time? Old Geelong gaol is where you need to be with your family and friends to learn about the twisted history of this 19th-century prison. Even though the jail operations may have closed its doors, this bluestone jail still remains a terrifying place where you can satisfy your curiosity of encountering the supernatural. It is a great place for kids to visit as well because of the helpful tour guides who never break their role and consistently strive to provide the visitors with an authentic haunted house tour that they will remember forever.

You can also satisfy your thirst for knowledge as there is a lot of history and mystery that surrounds this area. The fascinating history of gaol has remained morbid to this very day since the time it was opened 200 years ago. Whether you believe in the existence of the supernatural or not, this destination is bound to enthrall you with its eerie environment and creepy stories that are widely revered to be real accounts of many incidents that happened in the past. This tourist attraction is open to the public every Saturday and Sunday, in school holidays, and most public holidays between 1 PM to 4 PM.