Roraima Nursery Lara

inside the roraima nursery lara

Love succulents? This is the place to be at! Located close to Geelong towards Melbourne, this lovely little nursery is an underestimated and less known gem – a real hidden gem! We love the nursery ambiance, the passionate owners, the vast variety of succulents and other plants to choose from. The nursery (unlike traditional nurseries) is a sanctuary of creativity in itself.

From our recent visit to the Nursery (photos and video

If you are near (or even far), highly recommend going there at least once! Don’t forget to check out our photos and video (on your YT channel) for more inspiration. Address and details are below, make sure you check it out.

Roraima Nursery Lara, Victoria
Address: 20 Swan St, Lara VIC 3212
Phone: (03) 5282 8704

WhatsBest Tip – Great collection of unique succulents, worth a visit as the place is quite amazingly maintained as well.
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