Bondi Beach Sydney

If you’re going to Australia, even for a little while, there is one location which you absolutely must visit no matter what and that place is known as Bondi Beach. This beach is an iconic part of Australian culture and attracts more than 80 million people each year. There are countless things which you can see & do at both the beach as well as the shops, cafes & walks which surround it.

It is quite obvious that the biggest reason why anyone comes to the beach is so that they can ride the waves. Irrespective of whether that includes surfing or swimming for you, the water feels absolutely brilliant during those warm summer months. If you haven’t been to this beach before in your life then you absolutely should try to Bondi Beach Surf Experience. This 2 hour program teaches you everything you need to know about surfing including recognizing the proper surfing conditions, getting into the surf & riding your 1st wave.

While surfing itself is quite amazing, you need to be a little careful of surfboards. On very hot days, the beach gets filled with swimmers & surfers. Ensure you only swim between flags and always stay away from surfers. You wouldn’t want a stray surfboard to come and knock your teeth out right?

bondi beach sydney location view from above

The busy and beautiful Bondi Beach in Sydney. Image Source: Wikipedia

One more place you can visit is the Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club. You may ask yourself why there’s a swimming pool right at the side of the beach. The answer is quite simple really. So that people can swim throughout the year. This club was established in 1929 and most of its members want to swim through the year. There are 100’s of people that use this pool to swim laps in winter when the water temperature is colder than anything you’ve ever imagined. The ocean waves bang right into the pool and make for an amazing sight as well. This really is one of the iconic landmarks of this beach and you absolutely must go there.

You can also consider wearing a swimsuit and taking a dip in the ocean on cool days. It really is worth your while to check out this attraction. You could also choose to make it there for lunch. There are many visitors who grab a quick bite followed by a a walk on the promenade which is basically a paved, wide walkway which runs along the length of this beach. If you walk past the Bondi Icebergs to the south, you will come across the Bondi to Bronte cliff-walk. This walk isn’t as difficult as it may sound and offers some spectacular views of the ocean and of Tamarama, Bronte and Bondi beaches. So even if you’re not in the mood to swim in the ocean, taking a trip to this remarkable beach may still be quite exciting for you.

Bondi Beach Sydney

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