National Museum of Australia Canberra

Established by the National Museum of Australia Act 1980, this museum has been developed to preserve and interpret the country’s social history, along with the significant people and events that have shaped the nation to be how it is today. Situated in the national capital Canberra, the Museum holds one of the world’s largest collection of Aboriginal bark paintings and tools that are reminiscent of 50,000 years worth of indigenous heritage. The museum also hosts a variety of exhibitions, suited for all ages and interests. Check out their official website to learn more about the current ongoing exhibitions as well as the ones that are upcoming.

National Museum of Australia is one of the favorite historical destinations in Canberra, and there is plenty to witness and learn about the country’s past, present, and future. The press associated with this museum regularly publishes books, journals, and catalogues on various topics and the research centre take a cross-disciplinary approach to the country’s history, ensuring that the place remains a lively forum for debates and discussions. There are kids zones for the toddlers to play in as well as cafes to relax after one has completed exploring all the wonders that this place has to offer.

National Museum of Australia Canberra


Address: Lawson Cres, Acton ACT 2601
Founded: 1980