Best Pet Cameras Australia 2024

Finding the best pet cameras for your fur babies

Hey there, fellow pet parent! Ready to find the purrfect pet camera to keep an eye on your furry friend? Let’s dive into some tips that will make this a wag-tastic experience: Also below are some of the best we could find. If you are interested, read on… there are some tips to find the best pet cameras too and what to look for in them.

Photo Product Details Price Buy
Furbo 360° Dog...image Furbo 360° Dog Camera: Rotating 360° View Wide-Angle Pet Camera with Treat Tossing, Color Night Vision, 1080p HD Pan, 2-Way Audio, Barking Alerts, WiFi, Designed for Dogs $309.00 Buy
VIMTAG Pet Camera,...image VIMTAG Pet Camera, 1080P Pet Cam,360° Pan/Tilt View Angel with Two Way Audio, Dog Camera with Phone APP, Motion Tracking Alarm,Night Vision,24/7 Recording with Cloud/Local SD, Smart Home Indoor Cam Buy
Enabot Indoor Security...image Enabot Indoor Security Pet Monitoring Camera, Moving Camera for Home Security with Audio, 1080P HD Video, Night Vision, Smart WiFi Camera for Baby Elderly, SD Card Storage Wireless Monitors with App Buy
EDSACE Pan-Tilt WiFi...image EDSACE Pan-Tilt WiFi Dome Security Camera, 360 Degree Smart Indoor Camera,Human and Pet AI Recognition, , 2-Way Audio,Ideal for Baby Monitor and Pet Monitor Camera $60.99 Buy
EUFY SECURITY 2K...image Eufy T8410C24 2K Indoor Security Camera Pan and Tilt White - not really a dedicated pet camera, but can function as one especially at the price point. $139.95 Buy

Camera Type: Time to unleash your imagination! There are all sorts of cameras out there, from treat-dispensing wonders to interactive ones that let you talk to your pet. Decide what features will make you and your fur baby do a happy dance!

Video Quality: Let’s keep those blurry moments in the past. Look for a pet camera that offers crystal-clear video quality. That way, you can see every adorable whisker and tail wag in all their HD glory.

Viewing Angle and Pan/Tilt: Give your pet the red carpet treatment with a camera that has a wide viewing angle or the ability to pan and tilt. No matter where your furball roams, you’ll catch all the action and hilarious antics!

Two-Way Audio: Time to channel your inner Dr. Dolittle! With two-way audio, you can talk to your pet remotely. Who knows, your soothing voice might even calm their separation anxiety or make them jump for joy!

Night Vision: Prepare for some nocturnal adventures! Opt for a camera with night vision capabilities, so you can keep tabs on your furry friend even when the lights go out. No more guessing what your pet is up to in the dark!

Motion and Sound Alerts: Get the scoop on your pet’s secret moves! Look for a camera that sends you motion and sound detection alerts. You’ll never miss a playful zoomie or a hilarious meow again!

Mobile App and Connectivity: Get ready to be in control, right from your smartphone! Look for a pet camera that comes with a cool mobile app. It’ll give you easy access to the camera’s feed, so you can check in on your pet whenever and wherever.

Treat Dispensing Feature (good to have): Who’s up for a tasty surprise? Some cameras have a treat dispensing feature, allowing you to remotely reward your pet. Treat time just got upgraded to the ultimate level of fun!

Mounting Options and Placement: Time to play interior decorator! Check out the camera’s mounting options and choose one that suits your pet’s favorite hangout spot. Let’s find the pawfect angle to capture all those adorable moments!

Brand Reputation and Reviews: It’s time for some detective work! Dig into customer reviews and brand reputations to ensure you’re getting a top-notch pet camera. Hear what other pet parents have to say about video quality, reliability, and customer support.

With these tips in your pocket, you’re ready to embark on the exciting journey of finding the best pet camera for you and your furry friend. Get ready for a whole new level of pet surveillance, packed with fun, laughter, and heart-melting moments!