Best POV Cameras Australia 2024

best POV action cameras to choose from when buying from Australia

Although there has to be more, but here are some of the best reasons I would buy a POV action camera. Also, listing the best we could find online – let us know your thoughts!

Photo Product Details Price Buy
Insta360 Go 3...image Insta360 Go 3 64GB, 35g Small & Lightweight Action Camera with 2.7K 2720 Video, Hands-Free POV, Multifunctional Action Pod, FlowState Stabilization, AI Editing, for Travel, Sports, Vlog $602.79 Buy
Insta360 GO 2...image Insta360 GO 2 – Small Action Camera, Weighs 1 oz, Waterproof, Stabilization, POV Capture, 1/2.3" Sensor, with Charge Case and Wearable Camera Accessories for Travel, Sports, Vlog $496.26 Buy
GoPro HERO11 Black GoPro HERO11 Black - Often the most loved and the best value - The quality and stabilisation of this one is second to none! $561.72 Buy
Insta360 ONE X2...image Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera, 5.7K 360, Stabilization, Touch Screen, AI Editing, Live Streaming, Webcam, Voice Control… $749.00 Buy
DJI Pocket 2...image DJI Pocket 2 - Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabiliser with 4K Camera, 1/1.7 inch CMOS, 64MP Photo, Pocket-Sized, ActiveTrack 3.0, Glamour Effects, YouTube Video Vlog, for Android and iPhone, Black $479.00 Buy
DJI Osmo Action...image DJI Osmo Action 3 Standard Combo - 4K Action Cam with Super Wide Field of View, HorizonSteady, Cold-Resistant, Durable, Vertical Quick Release Mount, 16m Waterproof, Two Touch Screens $332.97 Buy

Immerse Yourself in the Action: With a POV action camera, you can capture the action from your point of view. Attach it to your helmet, gear, or body, and you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. It’s like bringing your mates along for the ride!

Hands-Free and Hassle-Free: No need to worry about holding a camera or asking someone else to film for you. A POV action camera gives you the freedom to enjoy your adventures completely hands-free. Just focus on having a ripper time while your camera captures all the action.

Tough as Nails: These cameras are built to handle the rough stuff. They’re waterproof, shockproof, and dust-proof, so you can take them anywhere without worries. Whether you’re hitting the waves, exploring the bush, or taking on extreme sports, your camera will be there, ready to go.

Capture the Whole Picture: The wide-angle lens on a POV camera lets you capture a wide field of view. That means you can fit more of the stunning scenery or action into your shots. From beautiful landscapes to thrilling sports moments, you won’t miss a thing.

Amazing Quality Memories: Get ready to capture your memories in stunning detail. POV cameras can shoot in high resolutions, delivering top-notch video and photo quality. You’ll be able to relive your adventures and share them with your mates, with all the excitement and beauty preserved.

So, there you have it! A POV action camera is your ticket to capturing immersive footage, going hands-free, enjoying durability, capturing wide-angle shots, and creating high-quality memories. Get out there and start capturing your Aussie adventures like a true blue legend!