Salamanca Market Hobart

Salamanca Market is one of Australia’s most famous outdoor markets and is located near Hobert’s waterfront. This market celebrates the unique culture of Tasmania and all that the creative artisans, music producers, and other talents stand for. The market comes alive every Saturday from 8 AM to 3 PM and brings along all the sights, smells, and sounds of Tasmania. With the backdrop of the Gregorian sandstone buildings, Salamanca market plays host to around 300 stallholders who deal in everything from handmade crafts made out of the woodwork to jewelry to modern-day glass and ceramic ware. This place is also an ideal foodie’s joint as you’ll find some of the finest Tasmanian cuisines made by skilled chefs who are always enthusiastic to exceed your expectations.

This is a picturesque market famous among the locals and tourists alike, and you’ll also find many international and domestic forms of entertainment that have now become a part of the Tasmanian culture. This market is also a fashion paradise for those seeking to buy unique Tasmanian items and funky accessories to take home for their friends and family. Salamanca Market is especially renowned for the friendly locals and wholesome entertainment that is meant for the entire family.