SelfWealth Referral Code 2024 ( 10 FREE Trades )

selfwealth referral code

SelfWealth has been my favorite and most trusted (personal choice) at the time of writing this article. Also, based on some of our recent searches for finding the best share trading service provider or online platform in Australia, we found SelfWealth to be a great option to consider.
Our criteria were simple and specific:

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Clean, user-friendly interface and underpinning technology
  • Great and reliable support
  • Reasonable and fixed per trade broker fee
  • Access to US markets and stocks

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Please note, that this is not a sponsored review, however, the link above will earn us free trade since you are using our referral link. We recommend you to do your own research and if you feel SelfWealth is the broker to go for, we appreciate using our referral link. You will also receive 5 free trades when you sign up using our link.

Why do we like and recommend them?
Several reasons for us to love SelfWealth – the main reason is its iterative nature of growth. The company is fresh, new, and responsive through different channels of support – a popular one being Reddit. Not a lot of the companies quite publicly interact with their users and answer questions that way. Another reason for appreciating their service is the modest flat fee of 9.50 for any Aussie trade.

They also offer US trading which makes it even better. The possibility to be able to open and manage multiple portfolios under one single login is also impressive. Maybe the only area of improvement is having a better mobile app, which is hopefully something they are considering. Check out the service and let us know how you go!

Free Trades Expiry period – These Free trades that you earn by signing up via our referral promo link, will expire in 30 days’ time. So make sure you make those 10 free trades (each worth 9.50 AUD) brokerage fee waiver in that month’s period. Unused free trades just expire after that and cannot be used. Note: When we publish this post it was 10, it could change so please click on the link to validate the number of free trades offered by SelfWealth Australia.