UberEATS Promo Code Australia 2021

Recently we talked about UberEATS coming to Melbourne & Australia in our blog post earlier and the day has come! Today we were notified by Uber that the UberEATS app is live in Melbourne as of today and ready to take on customers.

This is quite exciting news as we’ve always been big fans of UberTaxi and now we are just waiting to make our first UberEATS order! We will keep you posted with the best UberEATS promo codes and offers for Melbourne this year. Stay tuned!


Promo Code: eats-uberthoma

That’s pretty much like FREE food! Receive free delivery for a limited time. We do not guarantee the promo code to work for all, just give it a try, it worked for us very well. Hope you enjoy UberEATS and the food delivery revolution in Australia.

UberEATS Promo Code Australia Wide - Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane | Adelaide | Canberra | Perth etc.


Use the above UberEATS promo code and coupon for a discount on your first UberEATS order! Enjoy! We used the above promo code to try out our first uber eats! Feel free to use our UberEATS promo code to get $$ OFF Your uber eats order! That’s pretty much like FREE Food!