5 Best walks near Flinders Station Melbourne

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Be it a quick lunchtime walk or just a casual relaxing walk, there are so many options to pick a direction if you are near Flinders street station

Alexandra Gardens
Right opposite to one of the existing onto St Kilda Road from Flinders station, is the Alexandra Gardens. It has beautiful trails and walks along the Yarra and into the park. Lit with victorian design street lamps and elegantly paved walkways, you won’t miss this nice little walk around the park. Highly recommended! Want to see more, check out our Youtube channel, we’ve done a short video of the gardens here.

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Graffiti Hosier Lane Walk
Just across the road from Flinders Street station, a short walk will take you to Hosier lane. Most popular for the ever-changing street art, art that talks and represents Melbourne’s vibrant street-art culture. We have loads of photos and videos of this awesome place, don’t forget to check this out if you are interested to see more about this walk. Read more on the Hosier lane and see the latest photos & videos we’ve taken captured and compiled for you here.

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Fawkner Park St Kilda
The farthest walk among all of these is the Fawkner park walk. Along the St Kilda road at the intersection of Toorak road, this is my favorite park around this area. Massive, park loved by everyone alike even if it’s for taking a relaxing walk or a session of outdoor yoga! Check this place out if you want to see more photos and videos from our previous visits. We even did a youtube video on this park

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Southgate river walk
Amazing nice walk again along the Yarra river, right upto the Southbank lovelocks, foot bridge connecting to the other side over the pony fish island. Pictures and videos talk more, and this is where is stop typing and suggest checking out our YT video on this walk.

Walk towards Market Street / Crown
It’s a very short walk in from the front of Flinders station, to walk towards the left of the front exit. On the right, you will soon see the Market Stree, on the left the Sea Life Aquarium, and a left turn under the bridge towards Crown casino and the Yarra River. Great atmosphere and is surely a great walk you must take especially if new in Melbourne. Read more about the crown casino or sealife aquarium here.

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Federation Square and nearby
Not quite a walk but, Federation square in itself is a thing to do around here! Great atmosphere, lots of places to relax and sit, nice bars and cafes all around, and something always goes on here, be it music or performance or food truck, etc.

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